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Rianne Snik | 1995 | Arnhem | Fine Art and Design in Education | Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht | Part of Zonder Punt Collective

Rianne Snik was born in a small town nearby Arnhem in the east of The Netherlands in 1995. Spending most of her time as a child drawing, painting and photographing, she discovered theatre in high school. In this context, influenced by both disciplines and performance art, Rianne searched to combine different aspects of both the visual and theatre discipline therefore finding new themes and imagery connected to the human condition. Keen to learn more about the arts, she opted to her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Design in Education at the University of the Arts Utrecht.

Rianne always has been curious about her surroundings and the way the body relates to different kinds of contexts. Isn’t it observing people from out of a tree as a child, or teaching while laying at her back on the ground. She started researching the body while– and it’s role in – communicating in those different contexts both practically as theoretically while graduating, and keeps on exploring and analysing this subject. The theatre discipline still inspires Rianne, e.g. by practising mime.

The body is both theme and subject in Rianne’s work. Other themes are movement, sensibility (both part of the senses as ‘the feeling’ / vulnerability), the space in between, and the fine line between being present/absent.

KvK: 72072490